Aatrox Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments


Thanks to Aatrox's liabilities, depending on the match up you are going to face from level 3 or 4 you will be able to engage a fight and try to kill your target. The goal will be to lower the life of your opponent with your poke E (also to fill the gauge of your passive) then when you think that the opponent is sufficiently low you will be able to launch an E (in order to poke + slow down the enemy ) then A (while being slowed down you will be able to more easily touch it or to type it and to keep your E in case it flashes for example). Do not forget to activate your Z which will make consequent additional damage and you have your passive therefore it is to try if you think that it passes, especially if you have a conflagration.

When your liabilities are in CD you will have to be more careful especially if the lane is complicated. Try to hit the henchmen as much as possible to sustain yourself with your Z. Never activate your Z if you do not attempt a "death" fight against the opponent. If you have difficulties to farm in hand-to-hand combat, you will have to settle for E for last hit.

Keep in mind that Aatrox has a very good kit in 2v2 and of course in 2v1, so do not hesitate to call your jungler constantly to take a decisive advantage.

The mid game of Aatrox is pretty good without being totally incredible, your ultimate will offer you additional benefits to fight and the outcome of the lane will be more pronounced depending on how the game started. Your ability to gank can be used to shift. So if you have taken the advantage you should technically be able to keep it, just be careful to have your liabilities and load it well in case of trouble.

Otherwise you will have to play carefully and arm yourself with patience while trying to equip properly to hold your enemy and why not shift on the mid lane for a small gank surprise.

In team fight try to load your liabilities in advance and do not be afraid to go open heart if your liabilities are available. Otherwise it is wise to let someone else initiate because although you have a monster sustain you are not a tank.

You are moreover very vulnerable to the blindness and fatigue of this fact escape these spells like the plague.

It is possible to play semi-defensive by protecting an ally including a good A + E to allow your ally to extricate yourself from an enemy too enterprising.

By your important sustain, you can easily hold up against all the champions who do not have too monstrous burst. So sometimes it will not be a bad thing to recover maximum health on an enemy which you will be sure he can not kill you.