Roles and the Missions for Each Lane in League of Legends

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Roles and How to Choose Your Role

Choosing a role is one of the most important decisions in the League of Legends. There are certain criteria that you need to be aware of when determining your role. At the beginning of these criteria is your character in your normal life. It is an effort of a kind person to express himself. In this context, you also need to try to determine the role you can best express yourself. To give a small example, it would not be very healthy if an impatient, impatient, and lively person would prefer the role of an assassin. In another example, let's take a successful, helpful person with a high level of leadership skills and a strong sense of duty within the team. The role of Support for the betting human model can be considered as a caftan. He can move his team up to a higher level with the decisions he makes and the task sharing he does.

  • Tank: Highly qualified, patient, strong and dynamic people who love to undertake heavy loads in team work.
  • Fighter: Ambitious, aggressive, individual who has a stable and determined personality.
  • Assassin: Patient, determined to be in the right place at the right time, determined and cold blooded characters.
  • Mage: People who are talented, quick, smart, intelligent and cold blooded at the same time.
  • Support: People who are helpful, friendly, optimistic, self-sacrificing, and advanced in leadership skills.
  • Shooter: Persons with cautious, careful, agile, patient, reliable and teamwork consciousness.
The secondary criterion is on enjoyment. As we have mentioned above, it is the desire of the person to express himself. And if man can express himself well, he enjoys it so much from his work. The pleasure we receive helps us to be happy with the outcome and reach our ultimate goal. In this context, our first two criteria are directly related to each other. If you are having trouble figuring out which role your character is more likely to play with, you can find out by trial and error which role you are most enjoying playing. Every role has its own requirements and priorities. For example, if waiting patiently until the right time comes and killing your opponent is enough to please you, it will be healthy to choose the role of the assassin. In contrast, if you do not trust your talent, your quickness, and your mechanics, you never even turn to the Wizard. Let's answer the list with the question "What are the missions of in-game roles?" And try to make more healthy decisions about which you enjoy more than what you are doing.

  • Tank: Farm, map control, teammates protection, health facilities can be damaged in a comfortable manner of his teammates, opponents to distraction, survival, if necessary self-sacrifice, to cause damage to the opponent, and if possible to slay them.
  • Fighter: Farm, map control, allowing your teammates to easily damage, survival, distracting champions with high damage potency of the rival and possibly killing.
  • Assassin: Farm, map control, survival, appropriate occurs until the patient manner in the position of protection, not the right time in the right place, your opponent's high damage slaughter champion to give priority to the player with the potential and the skill set to help hand verdigi by his teammates.
  • Mage: Farm, map control, survival, ability to use your talent shot on the appropriate way, the team proper positioning and received position protection in battle, opponents of the high damage slaughter champion to give priority to champion the potential and to support his teammates.
  • Support: Map control, teammates protection, creating appropriate opportunities to give friends able to take position and damage the team, distraction champions dangerous opponents, survival, self-sacrifice for the sake of maintaining the necessary teammate, fellow champion of the damage potential of upgrading the rival champion of damage potential making preferences to fall and providing the vision superiority on the map.
  • Shooter: Farm, map control, survival, to take appropriate positions and to protect the maximum from the position taken, near the damage potential is the highest and most give priority championships you can damage the slaughter respectively opponent of by and able to help his best to win friends.
The last and most important criterion we came up with was experiential. You need to have as much experience as possible in your role to be able to crown it with your personal attributes and the arbitrary success you have. Yes, the number of roles may not seem like much, but you have to play at least a few hundred games in that role to know that you are experienced in a role. If you think you will have a role in 200, it's about two and a half months (three days a week, six hours a day for a person playing League of Legends). You can spend up to 12 days playing without exception every day for about 16 days. But remember that you have to play the same role in all your games. When you have successfully completed this marathon of about 200 games, you will be able to understand what the role can do, what not to do, what to do and what should not. Good luck on your choise :)

source: meta-lol