Jungle: Tips for your role

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The Role Tips for Jungle Players

The mission of the jungle is slightly different from the task of the players in other lanes. Jungleers earn their experience and gold by murdering a jungle monster, not murdering a minion. Because jungle monsters are much stronger than minions, they need the magic spell called Smite. The mechanics of the game are given gold, experience and buff who which makes the final hit in the action of massacre of the unit promising the related advantage. Smite, with a high amount of real damage, it offers the ability to make the last shot of powerful monsters and creatures that can change the course of the game. The real job of the jungler, who has gained experience and gold, is to be able to run to the needs of his teammates. Since the jungle is located in the invisible part of the map, ganks,or ganks, from here can create a serious threat to rival champions in the lane. With the ganks you make, you can remedy your troubled situations or make them reinforce their superiority. In addition to this, another task of the jungle is to follow important jungle monsters such as Baron and Dragon and kill them by taking help from their teammates in suitable positions. In addition, the jungler should also help to control the vision on the map to help the support player.

·         Jungler Tank: Tanks are the most preferred champions in the Jungle together with fighters. The primary reason for choosing a tank in the Jungle is that the tanks are strong in terms of durability, have enough damage to be able to turn into Jungles alone, and have champions who can make successful ganks with effective mass controls.

·         Jungler Fighter: Fighters are the most preferred champions in the Jungle together with the tanks. The primary reason for choosing a fighter in the jungle is that the fighters are so strong that they can quickly turn into Jungles, they are successful in survival, and they have champions who can make effective ganks with mass controls they have.

·         Jungler Mage: Mages are not often preferred in magical Jungles. Apart from exceptions, the magicians are not preferred in the Jungle, so they have trouble coping with the Jungle monsters. The magicians give the vast majority of their damage with automatic abilities rather than with abilities in skill sets. As you know, it is necessary to reach at least the third level in order to activate the first 3 skills. In addition to reaching the first three levels, many wizards have difficulty in killing monsters in the Jungle due to their mana problems. But other than that, we do not have the magicians who can turn the Jungle like Fiddlesticks easily. In short, a magician must be capable of defending itself, shielding, armor-defying characteristics, capable of healing itself, capable of life-saving or high-damage damage, and short duration of abilities.

·         Jungler Assassins: Assassins are not very often champions in the jungle. Reason for assassin champions are not very often chosen is because they have serious problems in dealing with the powerful monsters in the Jungle. However, if they can exceed the first level, they can make effective ganks with their high damage potential. In order for an assassin to be able to kill a casual monster in the Jungle, it must have the ability to inflict life-based damage or heal itself, or have a low waiting period and high damage.

·        Jungler Support: It is quite unlikely that you can see support in the jungle. The reasons for not choosing champions in support of the jungle are the same as those in the up lane. Support champions' damage potentials are generally low. Damage to the higher ones is instant damage and you can not kill any monsters (at the earliest stage of the game) with damage that you can give. Because of this, support champions are generally not preferred in the Jungle. However, in exceptional cases the high amount of mass control effects that favored champion champions have is quite feasible for ganks.

·        Jungler Shooter: Another role that we have not encountered so often in Jungler is the shooter. The reason why shooter is not preferred in the Jungle is the fragility and low damage potentials in early levels. The shooters prefer to kill minions in the lane rather than tending to earn gold in the Jungle. The amount of gold to be earned in the lane is higher. But we can still see the champions like Quinn, Graves and Kindred from time to time, thanks to the advantages of the skill sets.

source: meta-lol