How to deal with an unlucky game

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Today is not your day? Do not worry it's fine.
You have some things to do!

In the Legends of League you have a variety of skill sets to influence and influence your winning rate and your ladder climbing skill. You can climb the stairs by being a mechanically talented player, having a great knowledge of the game, being a leader and taking your team to the right eye. However, sometimes things are not in your control. Even if you have the above skills, you will enter a bad game. For a reason, you just do not seem to realize. You do not make choices, you talk wrong, you do not seem to be able to do anything. Everyone will get a match like that now and then. This is another basic skill to deal with bad games - to keep your emotions under control and know how to move.

We were all playing these games where everything that went wrong was going wrong. While you are alive with your opponents and survival, you will come from the only way that the forests are vulnerable, or you will make a minor mechanical error in the early stages of the damn, which ends up causing a big snowball effect. It is not possible for you to be able to show your souls near your slaves without your killer (this is a very good ceremony, really good). Shit, you know?

We all have those moments.
You need to understand that bad games can be anyone, no matter what the skill, and that it can be for many reasons. Maybe you lost the last two games and now you are badly bent or your first mistake is so disappointing that you no longer objectively think of you. Whatever it is, if you are one of these games, you must have something open in your mind: you can not play it anymore, so put on a grip and allow your teammates to do heavy lifting.

Learning to control your feelings when a game is out of control is a very useful skill. You will have to practice a little bit to master this skill, but it is absolutely necessary to help you return to the game if things do not go well. All you have to do is take a deep breath, accept these mistakes, or accept that your rival is lucky and continue.

Going further to your team or trusting more is another difficult concept to conceive in order to take care of you. Most people think that they are very good for this mentality and will lose it if they can not move. This is absolutely true if you are in a bad group of people in your team. Nevertheless, there are games that you definitely have on foot, but your team is in a good position to give you victory. It is enough to learn to let it happen.

Help your teammates so that they help you
The first thing you need to do is to admit that mistakes were made. For example, if you die two more times in the line, you will definitely be far behind your stripe competitor. What most people will do is take the craftsman and ask them to help them out of the woods. This is inaccurate and will certainly increase your chances of winning. What you need to do is say, "Hey, it was done for the band." If you are going to face it and face it, we are both more likely to die, help instead with winning lanes. "Of course, if no one wins their bands, you're probably f ** ked.

What you do not want to do is make a bad situation worse. Do not go for risky trades, do not allow your team to match their waste resources to getting rid of your sinking vessel, or even do something that you would normally do if you played an equal match or earned a match. You have to admit that you have a bad game; you are not in a position to move the game anymore, you have to change the way you want to play.

Become the Support
Let's just say that you speak at the top level with Nautilus or Trundle. You came back very much in terms of levels and gold. So you do not really hurt. You can no longer tank effectively. What can you do to help your team? As a Nautilus or Trundle you will always have CC and a helper program, so instead of a frontline tank for your team (which will probably get a lot more gold and things), you will provide the shell of your shell and protect it. Stay close to your back line and wait for the enemy bruisers or your killers to continue your movements; then undo them using the CC / utility. How can you still contribute to this when you are behind.

What happens if you play a champ without CC? For example, Tryndamere or Master Yi. Assume that split-up is not an option, or that the partition push attempts are closed. What can you do during the team fight? You do not explode in the enemy, you move fast enough that you die too fast even when it is not fast enough or enters your tank. Here's what you can do: Stay in the backline

Again, try to be in a safer position during team battles and try to damage the enemies safely trying to fight after they have been carried. Most people are not expecting it and they were overly broad, thinking that what you're carrying is easy to collect.

These are 2 very specific examples and do not apply to every situation. The lesson here is that you have to adapt. If you learn to put your claw in an edge and adapt to different situations, you will find yourself winning more games even where you do not play better.

Never act like an a-hole
It's not something you should follow if you only have a bad game. If you want to win more games, always follow these rules. Do not hold your team or your teammates responsible for not having a good time. So even if it is their fault that really causes some CS or losing tape. Flaming / blaming does not help anyone win a match.

Believe it. If your team is trying to do something, even if you think it's the wrong phone. Either express your opinions or label them with them. Even if you have a bad call, your luck can help you win a team fight if your team only decides that you have 10 CSs instead of winning a team fight. The five people who are wrong together will always be better than the five who are doing the right thing separately.

Do not give your teammates any other reason to bend or complain. If the team is behind you and you continue to die again and again, it will affect your team's morale and this will definitely affect your chances of winning, so you will do - DO NOT MISS. You're probably thinking right now, "Oh wow, great Korean advice, but not like choosing to die". In fact, you do it most of the time. Think about it. I'm sure that once you went to that minion, 50% was assured that the enemy forester camped in the shrubs or your health was low. I'm sure you are going to play a bit of a risky tower dive because you want to kill and "go back to the game". The list goes on forever. You need to lose these slaves, lose your experience, leave the area and even learn to lose your turret if necessary. Losing any of these are better alternatives to dying, because you still lose all of them when you die.

Remember, you are here to win and climb the ladder, but if it is going to help you win the game as a good friend, it will be a good idea to do so.

In short...

If you can adapt to the situations presented to you, check your emotions, accept the mistakes, and get a better / better teammate, you will not have to lose every game that is super bad for you. Of course you will still lose. Even the best Challenger players do not have a win rate of over 60% (unless they are a faker or have a new smurf account). The whole point is to control your bad situations and limit your losses by doing your best. If you do, you may want to take a break. Do not forget that this is just a game, that any addiction is bad, so try to balance your life!