How to choose your lane for your role in League of Legends

Ekim 01, 2017 0 Comments

How to Choose Your Lane

As you know, there are 3 corridors in Summoners Rift and an area called the jungle, which is located between the corridors. A group of 5 Summoners; (1-1-2) +1 lineup to protect all lanes from opponent petitions and champions and gain more experience / gold. The sequence of (1-1-2) +1, which has been adopted for a very long time and does not change except for very absurd exceptions. If you ask "What is this (1-1-2) +1 meta?", We can explain as follows: The first two 1s represent the players who go to a corridor alone. These two players generally go to the middle and upper corridors (when they change lanes that we call Lane Swap). The number 2 in parentheses symbolizes the players who go to a lane with two people. Apart from the parentheses, +1 is the player earn experience and the gold from the jungle monsters and help with the required lanes.

Each lane has it's own characteristics when the Summoner's Rift map is examined. The map has it's own angles and a systematic map design. When we have a look at the map we can easily see that the map is not symmetrical. For that reason the mission for each corridor changes depending on the teams. For the simplest example, while the Blue team has advantage on securing the Dragon, the Red team has advantage on securing the Baron. Because of these changes you should be aware of your situation and act accordingly, in terms of your champion and lane selection, items purchased and securing the map. 

In the following articles, you can have insight about the lane selection for each champion type:

  • Top Lane

  • Jungle

  • Middle Lane

  • Bottom Support

  • Bottom Carry