Bottom Lane Support: Tips for your role

Ekim 01, 2017 0 Comments

The Role Tips for Bottom Lane Support Players

The bottom lane is a lane where two people play together unlike the other lanes. One of the two champions takes care of minion farming, while the other has the duty to protect it, as the number of minions from each lane and therefore the amount of gold that can be earned is equal. The primary role of support is to protect teammates from the threat posed by the rival. For that, they try to maintain the vision of the invisible parts of the map in order to see the champions who can gank the lane. In this regard, the support player who receives the help of the jungle is able to make the carrier comfortably position and give damage to the rival carrier champion. Carrier will not be able to defeat the opponent if he can not give enough damage to the champions.

·         Bottom Lane (Support) Support: Supports in the support role (yes) are the most preferred champions, as can be understood from the name. The support champion we have listed above has a set of abilities that can fulfill all the items in the list of missions completely.

·         Bottom Lane (Support) Tanks: Supports in the support role (again yes) are the most preferred after champions tanks. The high volume of tank champions have the effect of allowing the co-driver to move comfortably down the corridor. However, tanks are often close fighters and the potential for damage to damage is sometimes problematic.

·         Bottom Lane (Support) Mage: The most preferred champions after support from the support role (again and again) and tanks are the magicians. The ability of the mage to deliver high damage from long distances can put the rival champions in trouble. But it is not possible to say that they are as successful as tanks and support in protecting their teammates.

·         Bottom Lane (Support) Fighter: Fighter champions generally do not prefer to play support. Because they are often close fighters, they may have trouble with the sighting. They prefer an upstairs corridor or forest because they need more gold than they can gain while playing support to strengthen their warrior abilities and automatic attacks on existing skill sets.

·         Bottom Lane (Support) Assassin: Assassins champions are not well suited for supporting role. It is not healthy to play in support roles as skill sets are based on slaying the fragile champions of the opponent team rather than helping their teammates.

·         Bottom Lane (Support) Shooter: We are not mistaken if we say that shooters are very few things they have to support. As well as having a low potential to protect the carrier next to it, also has to buy quite expensive equipment to be able to damage the opponent champions, and he needs a lot of gold to buy these items. As a support, for these reasons, the shooters are not good alternatives.