Bottom Lane Carrier: Tips for your role

Ekim 01, 2017 0 Comments

The Role Tips for Bottom Lane Carrier Players

The primary task of the carrier player in the Bottom Lane is to survive, protect the towers in the lane and kill as many minions as possible to gain experience / gold. Secondary missions are to destroy opponent team towers if appropriate conditions are met and to kill the champions who match in the lane. It is also highly recommended to help teammates on other corridors as needed and when appropriate.

·         Bottom Lane (Carrier) Shooter: We are not using the wrong expression to say that the shooters are designed to assume the role of bearer down the lane. They are extremely fragile on their own and are in need of help in the early stages of the game, making them a tailor-made for this task down the lane. In the course of the game, with the power of their items and skill sets, the team reaches the highest damage potential.

·         Bottom Lane (Carrier) Mage: Although they are as good carriers as the markers, they are not very suitable for the Bottom Lane. The first reason is the possibility of being away from blue buff. The second reason is that the potential for preference in the middle lane is higher. The third and last reason is the probability that the team will be deprived of the physical damage carrier if the magician for the middle lane is also preferred. If this happens, your opponent will be able to reduce your team's damage potential significantly by stacking magic resistance.

·         Bottom Lane (Carrier) Assassin: Assassins also have carrier characteristics such as magicians and shooters. However, since they are usually close fighters, it is highly probable that they will experience extreme hardship against a shooter capable of dealing basic attacks from a distance.

·         Bottom Lane (Carrier) Fighter: Calling fighters as carriers is not a very healthy definition. Because the bearer is defensive, the champion is a champion with a high damage potential, which focuses mainly on offensive aspects. If fighters are usually close fighters, they will likely face difficulties with the downhill lane that they will meet with the markers.

·         Bottom Lane (Carrier) Tank: As we mentioned above, the primary task of the tank is to absorb the damage and to shield it in front of the carriers. It is hardly possible for tanks to assume the carrier role in the lower lane, since it is not at all healthy to say that this definition is compatible with the carrier definition.

·         Bottom Lane (Carrier) Support: We believe that there is not much that can be said about this situation, which faces two completely opposite definitions. For this reason, we do not want to drag you into a paradox.