51 Tips on How to Win and How to Become a Better Player in League of Legends

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League of Legends is a tough game and it requires players to work on teamplay and required them to have a sense of game knowledge. We'd like everyone to succeed in the game, altough there has to be a losing team every game :)

So here are 51 Tips on becoming a better player in League of Legends;

       Tips of Manner for Better Teamplay:

  1. NEVER fight with your teammates and do not swear. League of Legends is a team game and you need your teammates' support to win the game. Swearing them may cause you to be deprived of this need.
  2. If more teammates around you are bothering you or breaking your morale, do not argue with it. Do not let it break your moral, break your temper or distract your attention. Immediately silence your teammates exhibiting such behavior from within the game.
  3. If you fall back early in the game, do not break your morale. Ignore your friends who make you heavy criticisms and insult you. Yes the differences in the early stages of the game are very important, but that does not mean you lost 100%. The fact that your opponent has turned it on can sometimes give them extreme self-confidence. Take advantage of this advantage and remind your teammates of this fact.
  4. Try not to give morale to your teammates who fell back early in the game. NEVER swear and insult them. The insults and profanings that you have done to them will neither be of benefit to you nor to them. On the contrary, your friend will start to find movements that will be more depressed and exhibit their performance. Remember that a single corridor will not be lost as the game has not been won from one corridor.
  5. Apologizing is a virtue. When you make a mistake, do not forget to apologize. NEVER blame others for your own mistake. Like most online games, League of Legends offers you limited communication tools. This can sometimes cause you to feel that you are only an individual in the game. Only individuals become selfish, and selfish individuals do not accept their mistakes. The next step is to throw the error to the other side. This is the biggest of the mistakes. Because if you make the mistake that you made, it will cause you to never correct it. At the same time, you will have negative effects on the bettors because you are throwing your hat on other people. Neither you nor your team are in such evil.
  6. Congratulate your teammates on every occasion. Keep your morale high. Do not forget that moral is the most important factor in online games. Individuals and teams with high morale are always closer to the winner.
  7. Do not use All Chat as much as possible. There's nothing you can gain from communicating with the other team. Complaining or directing your teammates to them will not earn you anything.
  8. Try to turn your teammates who are AFK to the game. Try to give him morale. Often missing one person in the game can not be compensated. Try to persuade him to turn your friend to game even if you are in improper movements. Your insult will provide nothing but a step closer to the loss of the game. If you want to punish him, you can report at the end of the game.
  9. NEVER but NEVER stay AFK. Afk stay will very likely bring you defeat. This is a result that a player who wants to go up the league does not want to meet. As long as you remain in a conflict with your teammates, continue to show and try your hand. Do not forget that if you say "I give this guy a game" you will not have any consequences other than to lose you a game. During your life, maybe you will not make that much sense to people you can not perform even in the same game again.
  10. If you have a problem with your Internet connection or your computer, do not enter the game until you have resolved it. It is not a healthy method to go into the game as soon as the computer turns on and notice that the internet is bad. After sitting on the computer, you should play and test your internet connection and computer before the first game. You can choose 3rd party programs to do this. If you do not have this type of program you know, you can open a special game within the League of Legends client and check your internet and your computer's hardware with a few seconds of testing.
  11. Absolutely and absolutely after 30 minutes break after 2 games you've lost on top. For water, eat, walk out, surf the internet. Because losing a game on top will ruin your morale. A corrupted morale will prevent you from performing well. One step beyond moral disturbance is nervous disorder. It is highly probable that you will negatively affect yourself and your teammates when your nerves are down. It will be much better for you to pause instead of giving up.
  12. The league is the rate of winning the most important factor to rise. Do not disrupt morale when the game loses. The condition of league promotion is not to win all the games; is to gain more than you lose. Do not spoil your morale and nerves for losing a few games.
  13. Rate your odds and statistics for every 10 games. If you have the chance, watch the repetition of the games you lost. Most of the mistakes you have made during the game will often be avoided in your own eyes. This can also create a sense of what you have lost in the mistake of your teammates if you have not made a mistake. The best way to analyze mistakes you make yourself is to review their repetition. Looking at the resultant statistics of the game and watching the repetition of the matches will make it very easy for you to take the steps on the way you want to go.
  14. NEVER feed your teammate, do not troll. As we mentioned in the same article, the only thing that will win you is defeat. Your teammate will not do anything to trace and feed actions you use as your punishment method. Your betting friend will continue to live in the same way after the game is over. However, the feeding and trawling action that you have entered for your teammate's sake will bring you defeat. You have to win 2 more matches to make up for this defeat you have. So actually you have done the worst thing to yourself again.
  15. Take care of the rollers and corridors that you have chosen when entering the graduated row. If the game sees the secondary role as appropriate, do not troll. Do not forget that such trolleys are a 100% ban.
  16. Do not over-pronounce it as it should be, like kicking, killing, stealing farms. Find a residence for your request. If you do not find the answer, continue to play and play your game. Try to look at it positively. The most important criterion in the game is that the team has the gold. Your teammate will not be transferred to a gold enemy that does not come to you. Do not think that you are the only player in the game who needs gold.
  17. An average game takes 35-40 minutes on average. If you have an important job to do in an hour, do not enter the game. Leaving the game at bay will bring you defeat. Also, if you are experiencing this situation often your teammates do not forget that you will be punished as soon as possible.
  18. If you have teammates who are on the championship selection screen and you need it, do not hesitate to take the order. Entering a game that you are looking at with a loss of sight will result in more nerves and morale than losing a game you would normally lose. There is no guarantee of winning and losing any game, but reducing your risk to a minimum will relieve some of the steps you take on the way to league promotion.
  19. League of Legends is a team game. Never forget that you will never win a game by yourself.

    Tips on Game Knowledge:
  20. The most important elements of the game comes with gold at the beginning. Make sure you earn as much gold as you can.
  21. A large portion of the gold you can win in the game comes from the farm. Keep your farm as high as possible. Slaughtering the first 19 minions from the corridor gives you 377 Gold. (As the game progresses, the amount of gold the minions give increases.)
  22. The optimum number of farms for solo corridor gamers and shooters is: (Minutes -2 in game) x10.
  23. Push the petite waves before returning to Base. If possible, turn the catapult petite wave just before it arrives or after you push the wave quickly.
  24. If you do not kill a very important champion from the opponent team, do not kill to kill.
  25. Never take minions and never sleep. Do not fight your opponent between big petite waves. (In the early stages of the game, 1 petite wave can kill a champion.)
  26. Do not take the damage to the tower and do not forget that the damage is increased with the number of strokes.
  27. If your rakin is far superior to you and petite waves are moving towards him, tell your forest that you can not farm (ask if you are swaying) and ask for help.
  28. Do not ask for help from your forest. If you are a forest worker, let them know you can help.
  29. Your forest will never come, the counter forester will play out of your corridor.
  30. Do not use the magic spell at unnecessary times. Because the Cooldown Times of the Summoner Spells are quite high.
  31. Tell your teammates chatten the magic spells you use and the other team uses.
  32. Take Control Totem whilst leaving the base no matter what.
  33. Remember to upgrade your trinkets after level 9.
  34. Do not go where you have not seen.
  35. Pay attention to the appropriate position in the team battles and try to move according to the position you take.
  36. If the opposing team players are too focused on you, report it to your teammates and ask for help.
  37. If there is a very important thing you need to finish, or if you do not have a very important Spearman Grow, warn your friends about not entering the team battle.
  38. Give importance to the lens. Even if your teammates do not care to get them towers, dragons, barons; Call on the inhibitor to open. (when appropriate)
  39. If the opponent team is superior, do farm and avoid team wars. Warn your friends who do not care about it.
  40. One of the most important elements in the game is the other. Remember to place the totes you receive in the places you need them. Teams that have the superiority of the item but not the superiority of the sight win the game.
  41. Towers are also objects of opinion. To break down the tower of your opponent is to take their view. A tower you lose in the same way will also cause a loss of sight at the same time.
  42. Getting a tower is another of the most important elements in the game. Try to get as many towers as possible.
  43. The game is not won when team battle is won but when Nexus is destroyed. Try to get closer to the Nexus by taking the tower and the inhibitor.
  44. If all the players of the opposing team are alive and you do not have enough views or you can not control the view of the opposing team, never and never enter Barona.
  45. Keep your eye on the map as far as possible. Take precautions if more than one competitor is lost on the map and alert your friends. Do not expect SS (notification) from anyone.
  46. If you are too far out in your corridor, help your friends in the other corridor after you push the petite wave.
  47. Avoid team battle if you or somebody else is pushing in the team and be in constant contact.
  48. One of the most important elements in the game is the items. It means trashing the gold you get every wrong thing you get. If you are not doing a correct build you have very little chance of winning the game.
  49. Runes and Masteries are very important for the early stages of the game. Make sure you have the correct Rune and Masteries build.
  50. Just do not make a choice to counter a single champion. If you do not dominate the championship you play, it will not mean anything to counter the champion.
  51. If you can finish the game, finish it.
source: meta-lol