How to deal with an unlucky game

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Today is not your day? Do not worry it's fine.
You have some things to do!

In the Legends of League you have a variety of skill sets to influence and influence your winning rate and your ladder climbing skill. You can climb the stairs by being a mechanically talented player, having a great knowledge of the game, being a leader and taking your team to the right eye. However, sometimes things are not in your control. Even if you have the above skills, you will enter a bad game. For a reason, you just do not seem to realize. You do not make choices, you talk wrong, you do not seem to be able to do anything. Everyone will get a match like that now and then. This is another basic skill to deal with bad games - to keep your emotions under control and know how to move.

We were all playing these games where everything that went wrong was going wrong. While you are alive with your opponents and survival, you will come from the only way that the forests are vulnerable, or you will make a minor mechanical error in the early stages of the damn, which ends up causing a big snowball effect. It is not possible for you to be able to show your souls near your slaves without your killer (this is a very good ceremony, really good). Shit, you know?

We all have those moments.
You need to understand that bad games can be anyone, no matter what the skill, and that it can be for many reasons. Maybe you lost the last two games and now you are badly bent or your first mistake is so disappointing that you no longer objectively think of you. Whatever it is, if you are one of these games, you must have something open in your mind: you can not play it anymore, so put on a grip and allow your teammates to do heavy lifting.

Learning to control your feelings when a game is out of control is a very useful skill. You will have to practice a little bit to master this skill, but it is absolutely necessary to help you return to the game if things do not go well. All you have to do is take a deep breath, accept these mistakes, or accept that your rival is lucky and continue.

Going further to your team or trusting more is another difficult concept to conceive in order to take care of you. Most people think that they are very good for this mentality and will lose it if they can not move. This is absolutely true if you are in a bad group of people in your team. Nevertheless, there are games that you definitely have on foot, but your team is in a good position to give you victory. It is enough to learn to let it happen.

Help your teammates so that they help you
The first thing you need to do is to admit that mistakes were made. For example, if you die two more times in the line, you will definitely be far behind your stripe competitor. What most people will do is take the craftsman and ask them to help them out of the woods. This is inaccurate and will certainly increase your chances of winning. What you need to do is say, "Hey, it was done for the band." If you are going to face it and face it, we are both more likely to die, help instead with winning lanes. "Of course, if no one wins their bands, you're probably f ** ked.

What you do not want to do is make a bad situation worse. Do not go for risky trades, do not allow your team to match their waste resources to getting rid of your sinking vessel, or even do something that you would normally do if you played an equal match or earned a match. You have to admit that you have a bad game; you are not in a position to move the game anymore, you have to change the way you want to play.

Become the Support
Let's just say that you speak at the top level with Nautilus or Trundle. You came back very much in terms of levels and gold. So you do not really hurt. You can no longer tank effectively. What can you do to help your team? As a Nautilus or Trundle you will always have CC and a helper program, so instead of a frontline tank for your team (which will probably get a lot more gold and things), you will provide the shell of your shell and protect it. Stay close to your back line and wait for the enemy bruisers or your killers to continue your movements; then undo them using the CC / utility. How can you still contribute to this when you are behind.

What happens if you play a champ without CC? For example, Tryndamere or Master Yi. Assume that split-up is not an option, or that the partition push attempts are closed. What can you do during the team fight? You do not explode in the enemy, you move fast enough that you die too fast even when it is not fast enough or enters your tank. Here's what you can do: Stay in the backline

Again, try to be in a safer position during team battles and try to damage the enemies safely trying to fight after they have been carried. Most people are not expecting it and they were overly broad, thinking that what you're carrying is easy to collect.

These are 2 very specific examples and do not apply to every situation. The lesson here is that you have to adapt. If you learn to put your claw in an edge and adapt to different situations, you will find yourself winning more games even where you do not play better.

Never act like an a-hole
It's not something you should follow if you only have a bad game. If you want to win more games, always follow these rules. Do not hold your team or your teammates responsible for not having a good time. So even if it is their fault that really causes some CS or losing tape. Flaming / blaming does not help anyone win a match.

Believe it. If your team is trying to do something, even if you think it's the wrong phone. Either express your opinions or label them with them. Even if you have a bad call, your luck can help you win a team fight if your team only decides that you have 10 CSs instead of winning a team fight. The five people who are wrong together will always be better than the five who are doing the right thing separately.

Do not give your teammates any other reason to bend or complain. If the team is behind you and you continue to die again and again, it will affect your team's morale and this will definitely affect your chances of winning, so you will do - DO NOT MISS. You're probably thinking right now, "Oh wow, great Korean advice, but not like choosing to die". In fact, you do it most of the time. Think about it. I'm sure that once you went to that minion, 50% was assured that the enemy forester camped in the shrubs or your health was low. I'm sure you are going to play a bit of a risky tower dive because you want to kill and "go back to the game". The list goes on forever. You need to lose these slaves, lose your experience, leave the area and even learn to lose your turret if necessary. Losing any of these are better alternatives to dying, because you still lose all of them when you die.

Remember, you are here to win and climb the ladder, but if it is going to help you win the game as a good friend, it will be a good idea to do so.

In short...

If you can adapt to the situations presented to you, check your emotions, accept the mistakes, and get a better / better teammate, you will not have to lose every game that is super bad for you. Of course you will still lose. Even the best Challenger players do not have a win rate of over 60% (unless they are a faker or have a new smurf account). The whole point is to control your bad situations and limit your losses by doing your best. If you do, you may want to take a break. Do not forget that this is just a game, that any addiction is bad, so try to balance your life!

Bottom Lane Carrier: Tips for your role

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The Role Tips for Bottom Lane Carrier Players

The primary task of the carrier player in the Bottom Lane is to survive, protect the towers in the lane and kill as many minions as possible to gain experience / gold. Secondary missions are to destroy opponent team towers if appropriate conditions are met and to kill the champions who match in the lane. It is also highly recommended to help teammates on other corridors as needed and when appropriate.

·         Bottom Lane (Carrier) Shooter: We are not using the wrong expression to say that the shooters are designed to assume the role of bearer down the lane. They are extremely fragile on their own and are in need of help in the early stages of the game, making them a tailor-made for this task down the lane. In the course of the game, with the power of their items and skill sets, the team reaches the highest damage potential.

·         Bottom Lane (Carrier) Mage: Although they are as good carriers as the markers, they are not very suitable for the Bottom Lane. The first reason is the possibility of being away from blue buff. The second reason is that the potential for preference in the middle lane is higher. The third and last reason is the probability that the team will be deprived of the physical damage carrier if the magician for the middle lane is also preferred. If this happens, your opponent will be able to reduce your team's damage potential significantly by stacking magic resistance.

·         Bottom Lane (Carrier) Assassin: Assassins also have carrier characteristics such as magicians and shooters. However, since they are usually close fighters, it is highly probable that they will experience extreme hardship against a shooter capable of dealing basic attacks from a distance.

·         Bottom Lane (Carrier) Fighter: Calling fighters as carriers is not a very healthy definition. Because the bearer is defensive, the champion is a champion with a high damage potential, which focuses mainly on offensive aspects. If fighters are usually close fighters, they will likely face difficulties with the downhill lane that they will meet with the markers.

·         Bottom Lane (Carrier) Tank: As we mentioned above, the primary task of the tank is to absorb the damage and to shield it in front of the carriers. It is hardly possible for tanks to assume the carrier role in the lower lane, since it is not at all healthy to say that this definition is compatible with the carrier definition.

·         Bottom Lane (Carrier) Support: We believe that there is not much that can be said about this situation, which faces two completely opposite definitions. For this reason, we do not want to drag you into a paradox.

Bottom Lane Support: Tips for your role

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The Role Tips for Bottom Lane Support Players

The bottom lane is a lane where two people play together unlike the other lanes. One of the two champions takes care of minion farming, while the other has the duty to protect it, as the number of minions from each lane and therefore the amount of gold that can be earned is equal. The primary role of support is to protect teammates from the threat posed by the rival. For that, they try to maintain the vision of the invisible parts of the map in order to see the champions who can gank the lane. In this regard, the support player who receives the help of the jungle is able to make the carrier comfortably position and give damage to the rival carrier champion. Carrier will not be able to defeat the opponent if he can not give enough damage to the champions.

·         Bottom Lane (Support) Support: Supports in the support role (yes) are the most preferred champions, as can be understood from the name. The support champion we have listed above has a set of abilities that can fulfill all the items in the list of missions completely.

·         Bottom Lane (Support) Tanks: Supports in the support role (again yes) are the most preferred after champions tanks. The high volume of tank champions have the effect of allowing the co-driver to move comfortably down the corridor. However, tanks are often close fighters and the potential for damage to damage is sometimes problematic.

·         Bottom Lane (Support) Mage: The most preferred champions after support from the support role (again and again) and tanks are the magicians. The ability of the mage to deliver high damage from long distances can put the rival champions in trouble. But it is not possible to say that they are as successful as tanks and support in protecting their teammates.

·         Bottom Lane (Support) Fighter: Fighter champions generally do not prefer to play support. Because they are often close fighters, they may have trouble with the sighting. They prefer an upstairs corridor or forest because they need more gold than they can gain while playing support to strengthen their warrior abilities and automatic attacks on existing skill sets.

·         Bottom Lane (Support) Assassin: Assassins champions are not well suited for supporting role. It is not healthy to play in support roles as skill sets are based on slaying the fragile champions of the opponent team rather than helping their teammates.

·         Bottom Lane (Support) Shooter: We are not mistaken if we say that shooters are very few things they have to support. As well as having a low potential to protect the carrier next to it, also has to buy quite expensive equipment to be able to damage the opponent champions, and he needs a lot of gold to buy these items. As a support, for these reasons, the shooters are not good alternatives.

Middle Lane: Tips for your role

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The Role Tips for Middle Lane Players

The primary task of the player in the Middle Lane is to survive, protect the towers in the lane and kill as many minions as possible to gain experience / gold. Secondary missions are to destroy opponent team towers if appropriate conditions are met and to kill the champions who match in the lane. It is also highly recommended to help teammates on other lanes as needed and when and if appropriate.

·         Middle Lane Mage: The magicians are the most popular champions of the medium lane meta very long time. The reason the magicians prefer the middle lane is the need of blue buff. In addition, closer to the two lanes in the middle lane, can be used both offensive and defensive by magicians with instant damage potential and / or high-range abilities. Positive results can be obtained from possible raids, and troubles can be resolved or use in advantage. Also, as both lanes are in the same distance so they can easily run with the help of their teammates as needed and change the fate of other lanes.

·         Middle Lane Assassin: Assassins are the most preferred champions in the middle lane after the magicians. The reason that assassins are preferred to the middle lane is the potential for high damage due to their abilities in the skill sets. It is highly probable that the jungle player will be able to take out the necessary damage and kill the rival champion in the raids he carries. Besides, the fact that the middle lane is close to the other two lanes means that there are more than one lane where the assassin can raid in appropriate situations. After quickly pushing the minion waves in the lane, they can raid to help friendly champions in other lanes or to consolidate their superiority.

·         Middle Lane Shooter: In the first season of the game of the Nişancılar, the middle lane was indispensable champions, but the following champions and the changes that were applied caused the summers to take the summit. Today, we do not see much in the middle lane except for exceptional situations. The reason is that the poachers are so fragile that they can not cope with magicians in pushing the minion wave and can not stand in the face of the assassins. However, we can sometimes see in the middle lane the poachers who are able to push the set of talent to push the minion wave or to make the farm that is protected from very long distance.

·         Middle Lane Support: Supports are preferred, though not as popular as mages and assassins in the middle lane. The reason is that the set of talent is not very successful in farming. If the champion is preferred to the middle lane, he may face the scenario of getting trapped under the tower. Under the circumstances, it would be very difficult for the automatic attacks, weak supports, to kill the minion under the tower and protect the tower for a long time. However, wityh experience that one can overcome these problems, a support player can make quite successful jobs with the help of the skill set.

·         Middle Lane Fighter: Fighters are not the preferred champions in the middle lane like tanks. The reason why fighters are not preferred in the middle lane is the middle lane. In the middle lane, we usually see mages or assassin champions. The betting is more prolonged than the champions have the potential for sudden damage and / or the range of their fighters. Because fighters are usually close fighter champions, they are more likely to be harmful from possible exchanges. Fighting must take as long as possible to get a card out of possible exchanges. However, long-running fights in the lane are not common. Because the towers are very close together and the champions fall into a dangerous situation, they can quickly run under the friendly flag.

·         Middle Lane Tank: It is not possible to say that the tanks are often seen in the upper lane or jungle, the middle lane as the primary choice. The reason the tanks are not preferred in the middle lane is that the middle lane is more suitable for champions who are fond of strengthening the blue. The secondary reason is that tank champions are usually close fighters and may suffer from magic in the popular role of the middle lane, which can damage high amounts from long distances. Even though they are more successful than magicians and assassins in terms of durability, they are vulnerable to damage, so the potential for harmful outbreaks is high.

Jungle: Tips for your role

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The Role Tips for Jungle Players

The mission of the jungle is slightly different from the task of the players in other lanes. Jungleers earn their experience and gold by murdering a jungle monster, not murdering a minion. Because jungle monsters are much stronger than minions, they need the magic spell called Smite. The mechanics of the game are given gold, experience and buff who which makes the final hit in the action of massacre of the unit promising the related advantage. Smite, with a high amount of real damage, it offers the ability to make the last shot of powerful monsters and creatures that can change the course of the game. The real job of the jungler, who has gained experience and gold, is to be able to run to the needs of his teammates. Since the jungle is located in the invisible part of the map, ganks,or ganks, from here can create a serious threat to rival champions in the lane. With the ganks you make, you can remedy your troubled situations or make them reinforce their superiority. In addition to this, another task of the jungle is to follow important jungle monsters such as Baron and Dragon and kill them by taking help from their teammates in suitable positions. In addition, the jungler should also help to control the vision on the map to help the support player.

·         Jungler Tank: Tanks are the most preferred champions in the Jungle together with fighters. The primary reason for choosing a tank in the Jungle is that the tanks are strong in terms of durability, have enough damage to be able to turn into Jungles alone, and have champions who can make successful ganks with effective mass controls.

·         Jungler Fighter: Fighters are the most preferred champions in the Jungle together with the tanks. The primary reason for choosing a fighter in the jungle is that the fighters are so strong that they can quickly turn into Jungles, they are successful in survival, and they have champions who can make effective ganks with mass controls they have.

·         Jungler Mage: Mages are not often preferred in magical Jungles. Apart from exceptions, the magicians are not preferred in the Jungle, so they have trouble coping with the Jungle monsters. The magicians give the vast majority of their damage with automatic abilities rather than with abilities in skill sets. As you know, it is necessary to reach at least the third level in order to activate the first 3 skills. In addition to reaching the first three levels, many wizards have difficulty in killing monsters in the Jungle due to their mana problems. But other than that, we do not have the magicians who can turn the Jungle like Fiddlesticks easily. In short, a magician must be capable of defending itself, shielding, armor-defying characteristics, capable of healing itself, capable of life-saving or high-damage damage, and short duration of abilities.

·         Jungler Assassins: Assassins are not very often champions in the jungle. Reason for assassin champions are not very often chosen is because they have serious problems in dealing with the powerful monsters in the Jungle. However, if they can exceed the first level, they can make effective ganks with their high damage potential. In order for an assassin to be able to kill a casual monster in the Jungle, it must have the ability to inflict life-based damage or heal itself, or have a low waiting period and high damage.

·        Jungler Support: It is quite unlikely that you can see support in the jungle. The reasons for not choosing champions in support of the jungle are the same as those in the up lane. Support champions' damage potentials are generally low. Damage to the higher ones is instant damage and you can not kill any monsters (at the earliest stage of the game) with damage that you can give. Because of this, support champions are generally not preferred in the Jungle. However, in exceptional cases the high amount of mass control effects that favored champion champions have is quite feasible for ganks.

·        Jungler Shooter: Another role that we have not encountered so often in Jungler is the shooter. The reason why shooter is not preferred in the Jungle is the fragility and low damage potentials in early levels. The shooters prefer to kill minions in the lane rather than tending to earn gold in the Jungle. The amount of gold to be earned in the lane is higher. But we can still see the champions like Quinn, Graves and Kindred from time to time, thanks to the advantages of the skill sets.

source: meta-lol

Top Lane: Tips for your role

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The Role Tips for Top Lane Players

The primary task of the player in the Top Lane is to survive, protect the towers in the corridor and kill as many minions as possible to earn experience / gold. Secondary missions are to destroy opponent team towers if appropriate conditions are met and to kill the champions who are in the lane. It is also highly recommended to help teammates on other lanes as needed and when appropriate.

Top Lane Tank: Top Lane players usually prefer champions in the Tank role. The primary reason for preferring a tank in the Top Lane is that the tanks are stronger in terms of durability and have higher survival potentials.

The Top Lane Fighter: The most popular secondary role preferred in the Top Lane is undoubtedly the Fighter. The reason why fighters in the Top Lane are preferred is that their strengths are not as high as the tanks, but they must be strong enough to fight alone with their survival skills.

Top Lane Mage: The magicians are often not preferred in the Lane. The reason is extremely fragile and vulnerable to possible threat of Jungler. The distance between the towers in the Top Lane is much longer than the middle Lane, so they are less likely to run under the towers and secure themselves. Also, many mage champions need a high amount of sense and they need to get the blue buff to get rid of this problem. The mages usually prefers the middle Lane because blue buff is closer to the middle Lane than to both sides of the map. However, a magician who is experienced in his champion can become superior to most fighters in the top lane.

Top Lane Assassin: Assassins are often not preferred in the Top Lane. The reason is extremely fragile and vulnerable to possible threat jungle. The distance between the towers in the Top Lane is much longer than the middle Lane, so they are less likely to run under the towers and secure themselves. However, if a careful assassin can be patient, in the Top Lane he has the potential to carry the game.

Top Lane Support: Support champions usually do not prefer to play in the Top Lane. The support champion's skill set is not suitable for minion-killing. Your team will be in a disadvantageous situation as you will not be able to kill the petite so it will take you back from your opponent. For these reasons, the support champion in the Top Lane is not preferred except for a few exceptions. But that does not mean that support players with experience of distressing can not succeed in the Top Lane.

Top Lane Shooter: Shooter champions do not prefer to play in the Lane with a few exceptions. Top Lane Shooter champions are generally not picked because they are extremely fragile and vulnerable to possible jungle threats. The distance between the towers in the Top Lane is much longer than the middle Lane, so they are less likely to run under the towers and secure themselves. Shooter champions go up the Lane down the Lane, support champions. But there are also shooters like Quinn which are preferable in exceptional cases. In the Top Lane, there are often close fighter champions, so they have the potential to be too much trouble for the champions. Nevertheless, it is useful to be careful.

How to choose your lane for your role in League of Legends

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How to Choose Your Lane

As you know, there are 3 corridors in Summoners Rift and an area called the jungle, which is located between the corridors. A group of 5 Summoners; (1-1-2) +1 lineup to protect all lanes from opponent petitions and champions and gain more experience / gold. The sequence of (1-1-2) +1, which has been adopted for a very long time and does not change except for very absurd exceptions. If you ask "What is this (1-1-2) +1 meta?", We can explain as follows: The first two 1s represent the players who go to a corridor alone. These two players generally go to the middle and upper corridors (when they change lanes that we call Lane Swap). The number 2 in parentheses symbolizes the players who go to a lane with two people. Apart from the parentheses, +1 is the player earn experience and the gold from the jungle monsters and help with the required lanes.

Each lane has it's own characteristics when the Summoner's Rift map is examined. The map has it's own angles and a systematic map design. When we have a look at the map we can easily see that the map is not symmetrical. For that reason the mission for each corridor changes depending on the teams. For the simplest example, while the Blue team has advantage on securing the Dragon, the Red team has advantage on securing the Baron. Because of these changes you should be aware of your situation and act accordingly, in terms of your champion and lane selection, items purchased and securing the map. 

In the following articles, you can have insight about the lane selection for each champion type:

  • Top Lane

  • Jungle

  • Middle Lane

  • Bottom Support

  • Bottom Carry

Roles and the Missions for Each Lane in League of Legends

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Roles and How to Choose Your Role

Choosing a role is one of the most important decisions in the League of Legends. There are certain criteria that you need to be aware of when determining your role. At the beginning of these criteria is your character in your normal life. It is an effort of a kind person to express himself. In this context, you also need to try to determine the role you can best express yourself. To give a small example, it would not be very healthy if an impatient, impatient, and lively person would prefer the role of an assassin. In another example, let's take a successful, helpful person with a high level of leadership skills and a strong sense of duty within the team. The role of Support for the betting human model can be considered as a caftan. He can move his team up to a higher level with the decisions he makes and the task sharing he does.

  • Tank: Highly qualified, patient, strong and dynamic people who love to undertake heavy loads in team work.
  • Fighter: Ambitious, aggressive, individual who has a stable and determined personality.
  • Assassin: Patient, determined to be in the right place at the right time, determined and cold blooded characters.
  • Mage: People who are talented, quick, smart, intelligent and cold blooded at the same time.
  • Support: People who are helpful, friendly, optimistic, self-sacrificing, and advanced in leadership skills.
  • Shooter: Persons with cautious, careful, agile, patient, reliable and teamwork consciousness.
The secondary criterion is on enjoyment. As we have mentioned above, it is the desire of the person to express himself. And if man can express himself well, he enjoys it so much from his work. The pleasure we receive helps us to be happy with the outcome and reach our ultimate goal. In this context, our first two criteria are directly related to each other. If you are having trouble figuring out which role your character is more likely to play with, you can find out by trial and error which role you are most enjoying playing. Every role has its own requirements and priorities. For example, if waiting patiently until the right time comes and killing your opponent is enough to please you, it will be healthy to choose the role of the assassin. In contrast, if you do not trust your talent, your quickness, and your mechanics, you never even turn to the Wizard. Let's answer the list with the question "What are the missions of in-game roles?" And try to make more healthy decisions about which you enjoy more than what you are doing.

  • Tank: Farm, map control, teammates protection, health facilities can be damaged in a comfortable manner of his teammates, opponents to distraction, survival, if necessary self-sacrifice, to cause damage to the opponent, and if possible to slay them.
  • Fighter: Farm, map control, allowing your teammates to easily damage, survival, distracting champions with high damage potency of the rival and possibly killing.
  • Assassin: Farm, map control, survival, appropriate occurs until the patient manner in the position of protection, not the right time in the right place, your opponent's high damage slaughter champion to give priority to the player with the potential and the skill set to help hand verdigi by his teammates.
  • Mage: Farm, map control, survival, ability to use your talent shot on the appropriate way, the team proper positioning and received position protection in battle, opponents of the high damage slaughter champion to give priority to champion the potential and to support his teammates.
  • Support: Map control, teammates protection, creating appropriate opportunities to give friends able to take position and damage the team, distraction champions dangerous opponents, survival, self-sacrifice for the sake of maintaining the necessary teammate, fellow champion of the damage potential of upgrading the rival champion of damage potential making preferences to fall and providing the vision superiority on the map.
  • Shooter: Farm, map control, survival, to take appropriate positions and to protect the maximum from the position taken, near the damage potential is the highest and most give priority championships you can damage the slaughter respectively opponent of by and able to help his best to win friends.
The last and most important criterion we came up with was experiential. You need to have as much experience as possible in your role to be able to crown it with your personal attributes and the arbitrary success you have. Yes, the number of roles may not seem like much, but you have to play at least a few hundred games in that role to know that you are experienced in a role. If you think you will have a role in 200, it's about two and a half months (three days a week, six hours a day for a person playing League of Legends). You can spend up to 12 days playing without exception every day for about 16 days. But remember that you have to play the same role in all your games. When you have successfully completed this marathon of about 200 games, you will be able to understand what the role can do, what not to do, what to do and what should not. Good luck on your choise :)

source: meta-lol

51 Tips on How to Win and How to Become a Better Player in League of Legends

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League of Legends is a tough game and it requires players to work on teamplay and required them to have a sense of game knowledge. We'd like everyone to succeed in the game, altough there has to be a losing team every game :)

So here are 51 Tips on becoming a better player in League of Legends;

       Tips of Manner for Better Teamplay:

  1. NEVER fight with your teammates and do not swear. League of Legends is a team game and you need your teammates' support to win the game. Swearing them may cause you to be deprived of this need.
  2. If more teammates around you are bothering you or breaking your morale, do not argue with it. Do not let it break your moral, break your temper or distract your attention. Immediately silence your teammates exhibiting such behavior from within the game.
  3. If you fall back early in the game, do not break your morale. Ignore your friends who make you heavy criticisms and insult you. Yes the differences in the early stages of the game are very important, but that does not mean you lost 100%. The fact that your opponent has turned it on can sometimes give them extreme self-confidence. Take advantage of this advantage and remind your teammates of this fact.
  4. Try not to give morale to your teammates who fell back early in the game. NEVER swear and insult them. The insults and profanings that you have done to them will neither be of benefit to you nor to them. On the contrary, your friend will start to find movements that will be more depressed and exhibit their performance. Remember that a single corridor will not be lost as the game has not been won from one corridor.
  5. Apologizing is a virtue. When you make a mistake, do not forget to apologize. NEVER blame others for your own mistake. Like most online games, League of Legends offers you limited communication tools. This can sometimes cause you to feel that you are only an individual in the game. Only individuals become selfish, and selfish individuals do not accept their mistakes. The next step is to throw the error to the other side. This is the biggest of the mistakes. Because if you make the mistake that you made, it will cause you to never correct it. At the same time, you will have negative effects on the bettors because you are throwing your hat on other people. Neither you nor your team are in such evil.
  6. Congratulate your teammates on every occasion. Keep your morale high. Do not forget that moral is the most important factor in online games. Individuals and teams with high morale are always closer to the winner.
  7. Do not use All Chat as much as possible. There's nothing you can gain from communicating with the other team. Complaining or directing your teammates to them will not earn you anything.
  8. Try to turn your teammates who are AFK to the game. Try to give him morale. Often missing one person in the game can not be compensated. Try to persuade him to turn your friend to game even if you are in improper movements. Your insult will provide nothing but a step closer to the loss of the game. If you want to punish him, you can report at the end of the game.
  9. NEVER but NEVER stay AFK. Afk stay will very likely bring you defeat. This is a result that a player who wants to go up the league does not want to meet. As long as you remain in a conflict with your teammates, continue to show and try your hand. Do not forget that if you say "I give this guy a game" you will not have any consequences other than to lose you a game. During your life, maybe you will not make that much sense to people you can not perform even in the same game again.
  10. If you have a problem with your Internet connection or your computer, do not enter the game until you have resolved it. It is not a healthy method to go into the game as soon as the computer turns on and notice that the internet is bad. After sitting on the computer, you should play and test your internet connection and computer before the first game. You can choose 3rd party programs to do this. If you do not have this type of program you know, you can open a special game within the League of Legends client and check your internet and your computer's hardware with a few seconds of testing.
  11. Absolutely and absolutely after 30 minutes break after 2 games you've lost on top. For water, eat, walk out, surf the internet. Because losing a game on top will ruin your morale. A corrupted morale will prevent you from performing well. One step beyond moral disturbance is nervous disorder. It is highly probable that you will negatively affect yourself and your teammates when your nerves are down. It will be much better for you to pause instead of giving up.
  12. The league is the rate of winning the most important factor to rise. Do not disrupt morale when the game loses. The condition of league promotion is not to win all the games; is to gain more than you lose. Do not spoil your morale and nerves for losing a few games.
  13. Rate your odds and statistics for every 10 games. If you have the chance, watch the repetition of the games you lost. Most of the mistakes you have made during the game will often be avoided in your own eyes. This can also create a sense of what you have lost in the mistake of your teammates if you have not made a mistake. The best way to analyze mistakes you make yourself is to review their repetition. Looking at the resultant statistics of the game and watching the repetition of the matches will make it very easy for you to take the steps on the way you want to go.
  14. NEVER feed your teammate, do not troll. As we mentioned in the same article, the only thing that will win you is defeat. Your teammate will not do anything to trace and feed actions you use as your punishment method. Your betting friend will continue to live in the same way after the game is over. However, the feeding and trawling action that you have entered for your teammate's sake will bring you defeat. You have to win 2 more matches to make up for this defeat you have. So actually you have done the worst thing to yourself again.
  15. Take care of the rollers and corridors that you have chosen when entering the graduated row. If the game sees the secondary role as appropriate, do not troll. Do not forget that such trolleys are a 100% ban.
  16. Do not over-pronounce it as it should be, like kicking, killing, stealing farms. Find a residence for your request. If you do not find the answer, continue to play and play your game. Try to look at it positively. The most important criterion in the game is that the team has the gold. Your teammate will not be transferred to a gold enemy that does not come to you. Do not think that you are the only player in the game who needs gold.
  17. An average game takes 35-40 minutes on average. If you have an important job to do in an hour, do not enter the game. Leaving the game at bay will bring you defeat. Also, if you are experiencing this situation often your teammates do not forget that you will be punished as soon as possible.
  18. If you have teammates who are on the championship selection screen and you need it, do not hesitate to take the order. Entering a game that you are looking at with a loss of sight will result in more nerves and morale than losing a game you would normally lose. There is no guarantee of winning and losing any game, but reducing your risk to a minimum will relieve some of the steps you take on the way to league promotion.
  19. League of Legends is a team game. Never forget that you will never win a game by yourself.

    Tips on Game Knowledge:
  20. The most important elements of the game comes with gold at the beginning. Make sure you earn as much gold as you can.
  21. A large portion of the gold you can win in the game comes from the farm. Keep your farm as high as possible. Slaughtering the first 19 minions from the corridor gives you 377 Gold. (As the game progresses, the amount of gold the minions give increases.)
  22. The optimum number of farms for solo corridor gamers and shooters is: (Minutes -2 in game) x10.
  23. Push the petite waves before returning to Base. If possible, turn the catapult petite wave just before it arrives or after you push the wave quickly.
  24. If you do not kill a very important champion from the opponent team, do not kill to kill.
  25. Never take minions and never sleep. Do not fight your opponent between big petite waves. (In the early stages of the game, 1 petite wave can kill a champion.)
  26. Do not take the damage to the tower and do not forget that the damage is increased with the number of strokes.
  27. If your rakin is far superior to you and petite waves are moving towards him, tell your forest that you can not farm (ask if you are swaying) and ask for help.
  28. Do not ask for help from your forest. If you are a forest worker, let them know you can help.
  29. Your forest will never come, the counter forester will play out of your corridor.
  30. Do not use the magic spell at unnecessary times. Because the Cooldown Times of the Summoner Spells are quite high.
  31. Tell your teammates chatten the magic spells you use and the other team uses.
  32. Take Control Totem whilst leaving the base no matter what.
  33. Remember to upgrade your trinkets after level 9.
  34. Do not go where you have not seen.
  35. Pay attention to the appropriate position in the team battles and try to move according to the position you take.
  36. If the opposing team players are too focused on you, report it to your teammates and ask for help.
  37. If there is a very important thing you need to finish, or if you do not have a very important Spearman Grow, warn your friends about not entering the team battle.
  38. Give importance to the lens. Even if your teammates do not care to get them towers, dragons, barons; Call on the inhibitor to open. (when appropriate)
  39. If the opponent team is superior, do farm and avoid team wars. Warn your friends who do not care about it.
  40. One of the most important elements in the game is the other. Remember to place the totes you receive in the places you need them. Teams that have the superiority of the item but not the superiority of the sight win the game.
  41. Towers are also objects of opinion. To break down the tower of your opponent is to take their view. A tower you lose in the same way will also cause a loss of sight at the same time.
  42. Getting a tower is another of the most important elements in the game. Try to get as many towers as possible.
  43. The game is not won when team battle is won but when Nexus is destroyed. Try to get closer to the Nexus by taking the tower and the inhibitor.
  44. If all the players of the opposing team are alive and you do not have enough views or you can not control the view of the opposing team, never and never enter Barona.
  45. Keep your eye on the map as far as possible. Take precautions if more than one competitor is lost on the map and alert your friends. Do not expect SS (notification) from anyone.
  46. If you are too far out in your corridor, help your friends in the other corridor after you push the petite wave.
  47. Avoid team battle if you or somebody else is pushing in the team and be in constant contact.
  48. One of the most important elements in the game is the items. It means trashing the gold you get every wrong thing you get. If you are not doing a correct build you have very little chance of winning the game.
  49. Runes and Masteries are very important for the early stages of the game. Make sure you have the correct Rune and Masteries build.
  50. Just do not make a choice to counter a single champion. If you do not dominate the championship you play, it will not mean anything to counter the champion.
  51. If you can finish the game, finish it.
source: meta-lol