Why is League of Legends a very popular game in the world

Eylül 29, 2017 0 Comments

More and more people are starting to play League of Legends all the time. Some of them become daily players and even end up high in the leaderboards. And with more than 100 million monthly players, League of Legends does have an amazing player base that you just can’t find in the case of any other game. But what manages to make this game a success?
A great Ranking and ladder system
The nicest thing about this game is that it has a very good system that always pushes you to play more and more. You can easily improve the way you play and boost your rank. There’s always something to aspire to, and you get to learn better and better as you play.
The gameplay is very addictive
At its core, League of Legends has a very simple gameplay. You help your team eliminate the base of the competition. However, there are a whole bunch of strategies that you can use. Plus, you can always come up with some new ideas that will help you further improve the way you play and the experience will indeed become better and better because of that.
It’s a title focused on teamwork
If you work closely with others and form a cohesive team, nothing will stop you. Maybe the best thing about League of Legends is that it’s all about the teamwork. The way you play will have a direct influence when it comes to the team performance.
Video streaming also helps
Since League of Legends is a competitive game, it’s easy to see why people watch these matches. Some want to learn more and more, other people just see it as a great pastime and so on. But one thing is certain; there are tons of people that enjoy streaming matches from the pros. And the results are always amazing in their right.
The game is always evolving
Throughout the years, League of Legends has always evolved. It brought new heroes to the table, they also adapt the game to new gameplay ideas and so on. The champions also have different skill sets. Plus, each one of the heroes is adapted and either buffed or nerfed. There’s no hero that has a certain advantage in the game. You just have to know how to play each one of them and how you can approach the overall gameplay.
It’s different
The reason why League of Legends is very popular is because it’s different when compared to other MOBA games. It has a sound system, great champions, and maps. Plus, it also allows you to play even if you are a newcomer. You never have to worry about the game being pay to win either. League of Legends has a wonderful system that allows you to support the game via paying for skins. This way the gameplay is fair and you can play the title for free or support it via skins.

The fact that the game is free and you are not forced to pay for it, the interesting champions and maps, as well as the unique ranking system, make League of Legends very enticing. That, combined with the fact that you always find new people to team up with means you never know the results of each match. That alone makes the game enticing, and the experience will be a resounding one in the end!
*Infographic is made by Ryan Sartorius.