Importance of Statistics in League of Legends

As we all know, the League of Legends is an incredibly fun yet addicting eSport game, but what many don’t come to realize is just how important statistics are when playing this game. That’s what separates the top of the leaderboard from the bottom. Those teams you see on the top are there by no mistake - they have crunched the data and put in those extra hours of lining up their competition. Fortunately, we’ve made it easy for you to get in the game and compete with the big dogs as well. By using our service, you will gain access to all of those important pieces of data that set you and your team up for success.

How Often Your Teammates Play

Determine whether you’d like to be a part of a team that is on virtually 24/7 or you’d rather be aligned with those that are more casual players on League of Legends. If you’re not a fully dedicated “gamer” or are juggling other games, then you’d save yourself and your teammate's frustration by finding others who are in line with your LoL gaming habits. And vice versa. If you eat, breathe and sleep LoL, you want a team that does as well.

The Skill Level of Your Potential Teammates

What’s really great about our statistics is we really break down each players by skill. DO they make the cut? Are they really good? Do they compare to your skill level? These questions are all answered when you look at the data we break down for you.

Kills vs Mission

One important area that we examine is whether or not each player goes for the kill, or if they seek out the mission instead. If you are normally the one who carries out the mission, then you probably need some others to balance you out and go for the kills. LoL is a game of balance, ensuring you have a well balanced team that covers all of your bases.

Experienced or Rookies?

We make it known whether you are dealing with somebody who is a rookie or an experienced player. While experience does not necessarily measure skill level, at least with an experienced player you’re dealing with somebody who is established, whereas newbies can be a bit of a wildcard.

Statistics for a Winning Edge

While you may have slept through your statistics class in high school or college, you’ll see just how important they are when it comes to League of Legends. If you are serious about the game and want to increase your chances of landing at the top of the ranks, you need a well-oiled team that’s backed by statistics.