Kennen Top

In the current metagame, we tend to face Tanks like Shen or Gragas on the toplane. Kennen is a very good alternantive to these picks. The early game will consist of farm and inflict some damage on your vis-à-vis. You do not have heavy damage, so do not expect to implode the opponent toplaner especially since your skills will not do much damage.

With his speed of attack interesting, he will be able to annoy his vis-à-vis especially if must last-hit in close combat. Good early pressure which, with the upstream of your jungler, will allow you to dominate your lane.

You have your (E) as escape, which allows you to be relatively safe if the enemy jungler decides to give you a hello. If you play carefully, you do not have to worry about the lane phase. From level 6, you will have the opportunity to apply a major DC to enemies, allowing you to be effective for ganks and rotations, including the teleport.

At the mid-game level, you will have two main missions: splitpush and rotations. Keep an eye on your vis-à-vis who can apply additional pressure on other lanes. If you can not follow, get ready for splitpush: with Blade of the Fallen King and Runaan, you will have a very good attack speed to destroy the targets, forcing a minimum enemy to come and defend.

With the teleport, help your allies to take the main objectives like the Dragon and bring your damage and CC that will be more than interesting.

Be careful ! Kennen is not very tanky, and you will not have Zhonya's Hourglass to have an inveterability. Admittedly, you will have some damage, but you will probably be the first target for the enemy team!

In late-game, do a splitpush job when your team does not start hostilities. If ever a fight is triggered, make sure you always have the teleport available to get back-up from your team. If this is not the case, try taking an inhibitor or a tower and push it as far as possible (without being heard).

Your ultimate will be decisive: if you get stun the right targets and catch the right people, you will win your team. Do not hesitate to hit the tanks coming on your carry because with your stuff, you can cut in half quickly and slow down without it can do anything. Ideally, try to implode the enemy carry to unlock the situation.

Kayle Guide

Kayle's early is not very crazy, she will usually run out of damage and you have to know how to manage her mana and the cooldown of her E. Therefore it is clearly not the most fun part but it remains the most important moment, the one during which you must not fail and try to get ahead of your opponent for the rest of the game.

So if you have a distant enemy (style mage) try to poke at A and farm at best with your E. On the contrary you will have more ease to manage an enemy in melee by kit to blow of A + E.

When you always engage A + E so that the enemy does not escape under the effect of your E and why not even add your Z on you if it is necessary. Be careful though to the dash characters who will not hesitate to jump on you in this case keep the A or even the Z for this moment to be able to create distance with them and the kite using your E.

This is basically how Kayle play is not very difficult, and enjoy your liabilities will be said instinctively enough.

Your most complex spell is your ultimate it can make you insensitive to any damage or one of your allies for a few seconds so it will be necessary to know the place at the right time, neither too early nor too late and that, it will ask a good vision and understanding of the game in addition to knowing about the damage that the enemies will inflict to not miss. The goal is to force a maximum of the enemy burst on a friendly target (or you) and block it with your ultimate it requires a good timing from you.

Be careful, the ultimate makes you insensitive to damage but you can still be the victim of control spells.

The mid game of Kayle is where the damage will start to be present and things will become interesting for you.

There is nothing more to learn, other than staggering or playing with your team when it's needed. Know the maximum placement of enemies including not losing sight of your vis-à-vis or have a frequent idea of ​​the position of the jungler opponent to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The end game of Kayle is monstrous A well placed will bring the death of the target if it has no escape or is not surrounded by his allies against you alone (and even in this situation you can always carry an enemy with you most of the time thanks to your ultimate).

In team fight your job is going to be to correctly place your ultimate that it is on you or an ally. The ideal is to place it when the enemies will burn a maximum of burst.

The rest of your work will consist of placing an A and chaining E on a loop and the enemies will really melt so it may be very fast.

Keep your Z for a chase or escape situation whether it's for yourself or an ally. In the same way, an A can always potentially save one of your companions in the evil.

Watch out for your placement, especially when you no longer have your ultimate, you do damage to the limit of the bearable but you are cardboard paper mache so do not go to take a tank.

Katarina Guide

The early game of Katarina is a double-edged sword: it is difficult to farm because the champion is melee and the recovery time is quite long at the beginning of the game, however the level 3 allows the "ominous blade" of to take a rather colossal trade, to see a kill. It's up to you to choose whether you prefer to play aggressively or passively.

Level 6 in hand, Katarina becomes monstrous if we let her have a correct early game. You can push the wave quickly with your daggers, and quickly shift on the botlane or toplane and give an advantage to your lanes. Katarina can take one or more kills very quickly, so if your enemies do not react fast enough it's dead. In any case, you risk burning a few lightning jumps. Take advantage of the early game to give the advantage to your team!

The late game of Katarina is obviously more powerful, but does not change much of the mid game: You must always roam, and take kills to force the objectives. However, in the late game come the big team fights, and that's where Katarina will shine!

Although Katarina excels in teamfight, we must remember one very important thing: Katarina is SQUISHY. You can not in any case allow you to engage in 5 against 5, and even once the fight is engaged, you must watch the best time to get into the pile and destroy the enemies of a titanic ultimate!

Do not forget 2 things: every kill or assist recovered gives Katarina 15 seconds of recovery time, so you can probably put 2 ultimate in the same fight, and your daggers will fall back to the opposite of where they made their first rebound.

Kassadin Guide

Kassadin's early is not crazy and if you want to take advantage of your assassin team play later you will have to wait 20 minutes which can be very long and even close the game before you have revealed yourself. It is therefore necessary to adapt the choice of your spells, your stuff and your way of playing depending on the match up in the laning phase but also the overall composition of the opposing team.

Thus, in the face of a close combat enemy, the Z may be a good choice, while against a remote wizard the A will prove more useful. Above all, avoid consuming your A on the henchmen even if it is very important to farm. Your game start is not easy but it is not a reason to be completely dominated. Attention all the same to the ganks, as long as you do not have your level 6, you are extremely vulnerable and even once the ultimate obtained by its rather small range now it is not as easy as before, a placement too dangerous will not be as forgivable as before.

Mid game here it is finally! You have completed (and loaded) your core items and you will be able to start showing that you are the boss and therefore snowball to the maximum.

Do not hesitate to shift to lend a hand to your other lanes (ideally the bot) and especially pick up kills.

You still have good mobility that you should not hesitate to use.

In team fight Kassadin is formidable for his ability to complete his targets, indeed his R gives him a good advantage for chase and immediately withdraw from a position too compromised. Now with the nerve of the scope of this spell it will be harder but it is still feasible it will just have to be more precise than before in your investment.

Kassadin overall has a short distance to apply these skills therefore, avoid drawing attention to yourself and waiting for initiation. You have a good burst and what to do big zone damage between your R + E nevertheless despite objects bringing tankyness you remain a mage and must play with a minimum of security.

Try to target the isolated targets (and fragile, we can dream!) In priority it is your role and you have the perfect kit for that. In the same way any individual trying to escape you will have difficulty escaping with your R and your E, you are the cleaner!

Karthus Guide

It's not good to be Karthus in early game because it's going to be the most total misery. There is no writing "Pigeon" on your head but it's just like. You have no mobility, no escape, you are fragile as not allowed so much to say that if you have the misfortune to make the slightest mistake on your lane the punishment may come quickly.

Overall, you have only one goal in the lane phase: farmer and even more farmer. Your goal is to get your precious items that will impact the rest of the game. Namely the tear of the goddess for the stacker but also your age-old stick to take advantage of its liabilities, you should have finished it ideally at 15 minutes to the maximum 20 minutes because it takes time to enjoy it all the same.

Farmer is fine, but if you can also prevent the enemy from feeling fully satisfied with the situation it is a little more. So although you have no or almost no chance of killing him, that's no reason to let him farm as he sees fit, or to dominate the lane as he sees fit. Try at best to assert your presence without risking your life permanently after all your first goal is to kill a maximum of minions to buy your items as soon as possible.

Once your level 6 is reached, you will need to have an eye on all the health bars of your enemies, if there is a way to recover one or more assists (or kills) by pressing your magic button so do not to deprive oneself of it. Remember that your utlime remains a good deterrent and psychological pressure. Your opponents will always be fearful when their life begins to go down too much.

If you have somehow taken the advantage over your opponent you will still be able to try to kill him by placing your + Z fatigue on it and sending him a maximum of A on the face and why not your E if he There is not too much risk of approaching it.

The mid game will be quite similar to the early, it will have to continue to farm if possible but you will already have more impact on the game. On one hand you should have finished your secular. On the other hand, there may be team fights that are challenges to the Dragon or taken turns.

This is where you will be most effective, inflicting as much damage as possible in the crowd is clearly your goal.

At the end of the game, unless you have a teleport, you will be well advised to stay with your team. Participating in a team fight is always important for every member of a team but for a champion being a source of damage, even more!

There is no harm in initiating with Karthus if the situation presents itself with Flash + Z if necessary. As long as you are sure that your allies will follow you and especially if they can reinitiate over it will be all good.

The goal of Karthus is clearly to get into the fray, he will try to stay the longest in life to inflict maximum damage while making sure to die (to enjoy his liabilities) in the fight in order to continue to do damage after his death.

If an opportunity arises, do not hesitate to initiate with your hero, a well placed Z can make all the difference especially with the support of your team.

Do not forget to activate your E in the fight, it will inflict good damage!

Make sure to wait until the end to launch your ultimate. If you are dead remember that it takes 3 seconds to launch so plan the shot (you only have 7 seconds after your death to use your spells).

Why wait for the end?

On the other hand if your enemies have banshee there is a good chance that they are no longer in the way at the end of the fight but in addition the goal is to kill your opponents. So see this as a boost bringing them to death or even a finisher. At the end of the game, your ultimate will do considerable damage, it should not be launched early in the fight on pain that the opponents disengage the fight to return just after (your ultimate still a long enough cooldown). There is no question of letting them go when you launch it, so wait as much as possible (without all your allies dying).

Your placement will really be the key to a good Karthus, you have to force the focus on yourself to sort the enemies into one point, so even if they kill you you can continue to hit them (your allies will have to take advantage of your death zone to fight) but in addition it's always easier to hit opponents in one place.

Karma Guide

Karma support has a very early early formed with a good ability to defend his support through his shield and its link but also excellent poke using his A. On the other hand, it has no sustain and remains very fragile, so be careful of any enemy who can take you by surprise and place a control that can lead you to certain death.

The whole strategy will consist in placing your A better without blowing it up on the opponents 'henchmen in order to drain the enemies' health. As soon as they have no life and you feel confident with your ADC you can initiate the fight if possible with an E to accelerate you followed by a Z on an enemy to try to root and to kill him.

There are multiple ways to adapt with your spells that are versatile and can adapt to the situation. Nevertheless, playing Karma as a medium means that you must fully affirm your presence, it is a very strong magic medium at the beginning of the game and you must absolutely enjoy this advantage without letting it slip away. Of course everything will depend on the match up but it remains the lane phase where you will have the ability to greatly influence to provide a good benefit to your ADC.

The mid game is a phase where Karma proves useful and is clearly not decorative. She especially has this zone shield (R + E) which can make the effect of a zone speed to all her team close to her that can make catch up with the enemies or to flee or hold a little longer during of taking a goal.

His Z will be crucial on the ability to catch a lost opponent and can also serve as a deterrent for an enterprising enemy.

Do not be fooled, the late game of Karma is far from being one of the best. It tends to run out of steam after 35/40 minutes and your damage and shields will not be as bad for enemies as they could have been in the past.

You will have to stay with your team and especially provide defensive and utilitarian support including using your Z as root and your shield offering protection and speed of movement.

Your poke will now come last because it will be there to slow down the enemies that actually inflict damage at this stage of the game.

Karma is a support both defensive and offensive. She has a kit that can adapt to the situation to allow him to attack or protect an ally. Nevertheless, in most cases its role will be to stay behind and cover its ADC mainly but also its other allies.

Depending on the situation, use your Z as a deterrent on an enemy wanting to get too close to your carry, the idea of ​​becoming root will surely want to back down.

Usually in team fight you will mostly hesitate to use your mantra on your shield or on your damage spell. At the beginning of the game or mid-mantra + A can be very painful but it is not so true anymore the party advance. On the other hand a mantra + E will bring a good shield as well as the speed of displacement to your allies and that can clearly change things in a team fight so most often it will be the choice to make.

You are relatively weak, there is no harm in dying as a support if you give everything for your team, however, do not put yourself in danger for nothing. Often wanting too much to place a Z on an enemy, will lead you to a dangerous placement leading to your death, in these cases prefer to remain defensive and protect your carry. A root immobilizes the movements of the opponent but does not prevent him from launching his spells (except those of displacements) or to attack, thus to want to root an enemy at any price is not worth your death, so think well to your actions before going to give you with only reason to want to root an enemy.

Kalista Guide

Kalista has a rather safe early game in general. Between his poke via his A or his burst via his E, you will be able to distil a lot of damage. Watch out for opponents like Caitlyn or Jhin who can either out-range or out-poke you. The damage of your spear is more than optimal so do not hesitate to abuse it, same thing for your E when you have taken the system in hand, based on reset. This spell is your main damage / depush source, but is also a good finisher. You will need experience to know when to press on to make a kill because no mark or indication is on you will execute your target!

And as you will understand, you will have to be one with your support (like all the other botlanes you will tell me). This already involves the use of your sentinel, in order to couple it as best as possible with your wards history to cover the maximum of places, but also by the liabilities of this same skill. And of course, when you use your ulti ', be sure to make yourself understood via pings or on the cat, otherwise it will be very very quickly the total defeat.

If you have achieved a minimum of your early-game, you will flourish completely in the mid-game. Even if Kalista has a correct curve throughout the game, she really excels at that point if your game start has been well negotiated. Theoretically, you will have at least 2-3 points in your E and the burst that you will start to accumulate will be more than supported. Your ability to duel will be rather increased and you can play with your kiting to take care of a lot of melee champions.

For other things to note, pay attention to your attack-speed. Depending on your feed level, you may already have the BotRK plus maybe the Runaan. But if you had a more complicated early, pay close attention to this notion. Also remember to use your sentries as soon as they are available to have a little more map awareness.

We take again the principle of the phase of lane, being based completely on the poke part of the champion. At this point in the game, your A will just punch the squishy in front and you will not even need to commit yourself to the range of the spell. Your second role will of course be to engage the teamfights ... by sending your support in, mainly if your support is Leona or other Alistar for example. You will have a role as decisive as him for the engagement.

Several things to keep well in mind at this time of the game:
- Use your poke as often as possible to weaken the opposing team to launch the TF
- Make sure to position yourself (not too close either), in order to send your support (if it has a role to engage) in the fray in the best possible way.
- Use and abuse your kite system to get tanky / melee type champions